Johnny Anglais

Hello Ladies! My name is Benedict – yes that’s my real name!  I was formerly known as ‘Johnny Anglais’, but since appearing on Big Brother UK in 2012, my real identity was finally revealed to the world!

I have been a professional actor since the age of 14, performing in theatre, film and voice-over work.  I studied politics at university in London and then became a high school teacher, before leaving it all behind and entering entertainment full-time.

As well as performing for the London Knights since 2010, I have also been a member of The Dreamboys in the UK and performed in many countries around Europe.

I’m an internationally recognised ‘sexual activist’ and have become one of the world’s most prolific campaigners for greater sexual liberalism, who has appeared on TV, radio, been written about in the press and spoken at universities around the world.

Amongst my many television appearances, my Dutch credits include being on ‘RTL Late Night’ (RTL 4), ‘Lauren!’ on (NPO 3) and in ‘Reportage’ on (SBS 6).

I now present a late night radio show on Xpress Radio Scotland along with my co-host ‘Dutchy’.  You can hear it every Thursday from 10pm-1am at or via the TuneIn app.

Although I have no biological children, I have been a proud foster father to my now adult son and to my 3 fluffy Romanian rescue dogs.

Of course, I love the Netherlands and Dutch women – I am in a relationship with one!   ‘En ik kan een beetje nederlands praten.’

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