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Vanaf nu kun je ons ook vinden op Instagram: The_London_Knights
En mail je ons je fanfoto naar info@london-knights.com, dan plaatsen we deze op Instagram

Mededeling vanuit het management: Vaak krijgen we na afloop van de shows het verzoek voor privé optredens, aan deze verzoeken kunnen wij helaas, om verschillende redenen, niet aan tegemoet komen.

Tickets for the shows are available at the relevant location!

You can find the pics of our last tour on Facebook.


Agency The London Stars has not given any exclusivity to an artist agency previously established in Hilversum and now in Loosdrecht for the bookings of The London Knights, contrary to what their site might list.



Now available!
Orders are only accepted when items are paid before shipping. Delivery costs are NOT included.


Mail your order to: london-knights@planet.nl

Prices are:
Poster (55 by 42cm) - € 7,50 each
Click here to go to our facebook page for a photo.
Showcard (postcard format)  - € 1,50 each
Click here to go to our facebook page for a photo.
T-Shirt Black or White (S - XL) -
10,00 each
Calender -
€ 12,50 each
Click here to go to our facebook page for a photo.
Pen - 1,00 each (or 20 for 5,00)
Click here to go to our facebook page for a photo.


Follow us on Hyves, Twitter and Facebook!

The London Knights now also have a Hyves and Facebook website! Click HERE to follow us on hyves and leave a message! Click HERE for our facebook page. Or click HERE for Twitter.


Are you in for a challenge?

Well this is your chance to meet the London Knights backstage. All you have to do is to make a disco/club enthusiast to book us! Then mail us the name of the club. If this club makes a booking you get a real VIP treatment, a place on our guest list and a Meet & Greet with the guys. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

Want to send an email?

Email that we receive for the London Knights are always forwarded to them. They decide themselves whether they answer or not. Mails for Marlon will always be answered. Mails sent during the tour will be answered afterwards, so please be patient.

Want to make pictures during the show?

Sorry girls and guys, but during the show it is not allowed to make pictures of the London Knights during their act. No worries, because after the show, you have the possibility to get a picture with the London Knights. You can choose your favourite, or do you want them all together on the picture? It´s your choice!

Fotograferen en het maken van video opnames zonder toestemming is verboden. Het is een inbreuk op privacy en wordt strafrechtelijk vervolgd als een overtreding. Het openbaar maken van een portret of video wordt gestraft met een geldboete van de vierde categorie. Zie ook: Auteurswet Art. 19. Auteurswet art. 30. Auteurswet art. 35.