Agenda 2022

Thursday 17-11-2022
Burgemeester Maenenstraat 45
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Thursday 17-11-2022
CANCELLED. FOR A REFUND OF ALREADY SOLD TICKETS, WE REFER YOU TO THE LOCATION BELOW!! Contrary to the listing of Live Piano’s website, the event has never been paid for by the organization.
Live Piano’s
Pancratiusstraat 4
Heerlen Nederland

Friday 18-11-2022
De Neushoorn
Ruiterskwartier 41
Leeuwarden Nederland

Saturday 18-11-2022
De Bosparel
Nuijeneind 20
Bakel Nederland

Zondag 19-11-2022
Mr. James Food & Drinks
Dorpstraat 15
Slijk Ewijk



Agenda 2023

Spring:   Thursday 20-04-2023 till Sundag 23-04-2023
Autumn: Thursday 16-11-2023 till Sunday 19-11-2023

Thursday 16-11-2023
De Commerce
Markt 5
Kruisland NL