Paul Grant

My name is Paul Grant, I was born and raised in Wolverhampton together with my brother and two sisters. I followed the Primary school and high school, then I studied as Electrical Engineering, later on  I studied insurance.

I was pretty young, almost by chance, when I started to strip and combined it always with work. I have been working quite long with The London Knights and I am their artistic leader and rule mainly from the UK. I take care of the composition of the group and care for the tickets from the UK to the Netherlands. A lot of arranging because each Knight lives in another area. Further, I maintain close contact with the management in the Netherlands and together we are always looking for the best.

After all those years I still think it’s great fun to do and my specialty is the cartwheel on stage. I’m a type of guy who spontaneity and honesty are important, my character qualities are that I  hate it when people fight and I enjoy it everything when I can, in short I feel a variety entertainer in heart and kidneys. What people say about me, well, hard to tell yourself but what I often hear  is that my laughter and humor are my biggest trait and I am the ideal son in law.

My last movie I saw, of course, Magic Mike XXL, they have many similarities with the life of a London Knight, you can see our lives are a bit like them. I do not read as often, simply because I don’t have time for this, the strip life takes place mostly in the nightlife and then you don’t  have that much time during the day, next to your work. I prefer to eat fish, I enjoy the fair presents out of the sea. Where they can wake me up for …. uh …. well when I sleep, I sleep.

I train every day of the week and  Sunday is my day off. My best trained part of my body is my “six pack,” I have this inherited from my father, he was an athletic, I have to keep it of course, I am thankful for my farther every day, thanks dad!

What I think of the Netherlands, a beautiful country but sometimes too cold for me. Typical Dutch for me is syrup waffles and pea soup. When I am in the Netherlands, I miss my family and my dog Kiki.

What I think about the Dutch fans? They are relaxed, spontaneous and they say what they think. Which woman I fall for, well let me say who is the most beautiful woman in the Netherlands, I don’t need long to think about it, your Queen Maxima.

What are my favorites? Fruit = Banana , Vegetable = all vegetables, Color = blue  Animal = dog, Perfume = Terre D’Hermes, Drinks = water …. and like a true Englishman suited Whisky Coke

What I want to share about the Dutch ladies, the Dutch woman always dresses perfectly and provides good looks alone …. Please do not wear sneakers under a dress.