Adam Konda

My name is Adam Konda, born and bred in the Welsh valleys however don’t be fooled. My tan is not fake like most valley boys as my family originate from the middle east. Now an adopted Geordie living in the toon after regular occurrences getting naked at parties I thought I could make a living out of this.
I have stripped all over the British Isles and have travelled as far as Australia on a touring stripshow.  Travelling the outback with the Sydney hotshots getting me didgeridoo out.
If you want me to take you all the way west to Las Vegas I can thrill you with my Elvis routine however if you want me to take you east I can peform my Arabian knights routine, if that gets you a bit hot I can cool you down with my big fire hose.
The stripper name Adam Konda derives from the relevance of comparing my old man to an Anaconda or was it a grass snake I’m not sure.
If your looking for fun, down to earth guy to make your night, I’m your stripper